The Devil We Know:

Description: The Devil We Know is a investigative documentary of health hazards from Teflon. Premier includes footage of public hearings, news reports and corporate ads, along with input from scientists and activists.

Language: English

PFAS removal and destruction:

Description: Purification of PFAS contaminated area in Denmark. PFAS is captured and removed on-site and destructed in remote SCWO unit.

Location: Korsør Brandskole, RESC, fire drill site in Korsør.

Language: dansk

Aquarden Technologies profile film:

European Business Award for the Environment 2016:

Aquarden wins EU environmental award:

Udsagn fra gæster om SCWO (tidligere Waterox) potentiale:

Interview med Anders Eldrup:

Aquarden Technology – Lancering 24 marts 2015: