Meet the Aquarden team

Our team of industry-leading experts

Aquarden is staffed with a multi-disciplinary team of industry-leading experts in wastewater treatment.

Our team spans a variety of chemical, technical, R&D, and managerial disciplines. In this way we offer world-class skills, technologies, solutions, and consultancy services for treating a range of hardly degradable wastewater streams from many industries.

Aquarden Technologies ApS
Industrivej 17
DK-3320 Skævinge, Denmark

Tel: +45 48 70 85 88
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CEO Zhuoyan Cai

Zhuoyan Cai

MEng Elec. & Comp. Eng.
Tore Svendsen

Tore Svendsen

Miljøingeniør, ph.d


Office Manager Anja Langsø

Anja Langsø

Office Manager

Susanne Thaarup Jensen

Office Assistant

Bodil Morsing

Office Assistant


Trade agent Norway & Sweden:

Eden Aquatech AB
v. Svend Kofod Petersen
VD / General Manager
Rastavägen 9
SE-67392 Charlottenberg
Phone: + 46 (0) 571-23233
Mobil:  + 46 (0) 706478699

Marketing & Business dev.

Ea Dehn

Marketing & Business Dev.
Cand.merc. IMM


Simon K. Schmidt

Technical Manager

Peter Mønsted

Project Manager

Sofus Rafen

Automation Specialist

Kim Buch

Automation Specialist

Maria Nymann

Consultant, Wastewater Specialist
Chemical Engineer

Henrik Porsgaard

Process Technician

Sarah Fredung Andersen

Stud.BSc. Chemistry and Technology at DTU

Mechanical development

Constructor Jens Bækgaard

Jens Bækgaard

Technician Kevin Møllebro Pedersen

Kevin Møllebro Pedersen


Mads Brøndsted

Christian Dahl

Christian Dahl


Mathias Lorens Hansen

Service Manager

Torben Espø


Henrik Nissen

Technician, plastics welder