Aquarden supply prize-winning SCWO technology to the French Defense Industry

SCWO technology
to ArianeGroup

Aquarden has provided a SCWO-system
for one of ArianeGroup’s French sites in
the fields of energetic wastes and chemical warfare agents

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Aquarden receives

The prestigious European Business
Award for the Environment 2016-2017
is given to a new and innovative product
that significantly contributes to a sustainable

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Save money
and energy!

Aquarden’s SCWO wastewater treatment
is a cost-efficient alternative to traditional

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Get tough on
tough wastewater

Toxic wastewater requires tough treatment.
Aquarden is an expert in sustainable solutions
for treatment of problematic wastewater.

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Exceptional treatment

Businesses turn to us when only complete
elimination of toxic and organic compounds
in wastewater is good enough.

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Green and energy-

We help our clients in meeting
the highest environmental standards
for wastewater treatment by providing
green and efficient solutions that reuse
energy and water.

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“At Aquarden we believe all our planet’s man-made water problems can be solved sustainably today.

Supercritical Water Oxidation with SuperOx®

Our unique and prize-winning SCWO system – SuperOx® – is specifically designed for treatment of wastewater containing toxic and hardly-degradable organic compounds.

  • Environment-friendly system with complete elimination of organic pollutants
  • One-step removal of organics, salts, and heavy metals.
  • No toxic by-products
  • Fully automated system
  • Reuse of energy and water

What we do


  • Total solution design
  • Laboratory test and pilot tests
  • Cost/benefit analysis
  • Environmental approvals 

System & solutions

  • Production of turnkey SCWO solutions
  • Pre and post-treatment systems
  • System integration

Service & support

  • SCWO treatment onsite or at local treatment stations
  • Operation and monitoring of wastewater treatment
  • Flexible service and support packages
  • Maintenance

Industries we serve

PFAS & Micropollutants

Destruction of toxic micropollutants such as PFAS and pesticides.


Destroying organic compounds and surfactants.

Oil & Gas

Destruction of toxins from the oil & gas industry.

Pharmaceutical & biotech

Dealing with toxic and hardly-degradable API’s.

Aquarden serves the Defense industry

Defense industry

Operating in the fields of energetic wastes and chemical warfare


Innovation in cleantech solutions

Aquarden was founded in 2005 inspired by the results of an EU-funded research project demonstrating the remarkable performance of SCWO for the treatment of wastewater.

Since then Aquarden has progressed continuously towards commercializing its SCWO system, which received the European Business Award for the Environment in Denmark in 2016 for its significant contribution to a sustainable development and innovation.