Wastewater solutions for the chemical industry

Challenges in the chemical industry

The chemical industry is often faced with serious challenges in treating wastewater effectively. Wastewater streams can contain a broad spectrum of organic compounds such as solvents, detergents, polymers, pesticides, or surfactants – to name just a few.

Such compounds often pose a real threat to human health and the environment. Many compounds cannot be destroyed using conventional treatment methods such as biological treatment, and disposal of wastewater by incineration is a significant operation cost.

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Aquarden wastewater expertsIf you want to know more about our prize-winning SCWO-system and how you can benefit from our extensive knowledge in wastewater treatment, you can contact our wastewater experts.

Aquarden’s effective and clean solutions

Aquarden is a market-leading specialist in the development and delivery of an environmentally friendly system for treating toxic and organic wastewater streams.

Our SuperOx® SCWO-system completely destroys hardly-degradable and toxic substances in industrial waste streams – at competitive prices – leaving the treated water so clean that it can be discharged to receiving water body, or perhaps reused as process water. Another interesting feature is that it often generate more energy that it consumes, which may be reused.

We work closely with our customers in all phases of wastewater challenge resolution. A solution from us may include initial laboratory scale performance tests on your wastewater, process design, manufacturing, installation, and support – all to ensure that you get the right application.

Contact us to hear more about our SCWO-solution and our other solutions for sustainable and cost-effective treatment of ‘problematic’ waste streams from the chemical industry.


  • Total elimination of organic and toxic compounds.
  • End result is pure water. The treated water can be sent directly to receiving water body, or reused as process water.
  • System design to fit your needs.
  • Environmental-friendly processes.
  • Energy-efficient process with reuse of resources (energy and water).
  • Save on costs compared to conventional methods

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