History for Aquarden

Aquarden is a Danish company specializing in destruction of problematic toxins with their SuperOx SCWO Systems. Here is a timeline of significant events in the company’s history:

2005: Aquarden Technologies founded in Denmark

2008: Aquarden SCWO protoype operational

2014: Full-scale destruction of pharmaceutical wastes achieved

2015: SuperOx Launch

2016:  Aquarden receives EU environmental award for their SuperOx SCWO technology

2018: Full-scale destruction of energetic wastes achieved with our partner ArianeGroup

2019: PFAS destruction demonstrated on Aquarden SCWO lab systems

2023: Full-scale destruction of concentrated PFAS wastes achieved

Throughout its history, Aquarden Technologies has consistently demonstrated a commitment to sustainable and efficient wastewater treatment, contributing to the global effort to protect and preserve the environment.