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Aquarden Technologies have worked with numerous companies to help them eliminate hazardous wastewater, save money and energy and building a greener footprint.

Below you can read some of our cases.

Destruction of environmentally hazardous pharmaceuticals

Test shows convincing results from SuperOx® SCWO treatment of wastewater with drug residues.

There is great potential in using the SuperOx® SCWO method for wastewater treatment with drug residues from the pharmaceutical industry. This is the conclusion from a project, where Aquarden tested its SCWO technology on wastewater from Rigshospitalet, Denmark’s leading hospital, with more than 60 pharmaceuticals.

Download the case (PDF-file 289 KB)

Destroying hormones and endocrine disruptors

Protecting our environment from hormones and endocrine disruptors with SCWO-technology.

The global consumption of pharmaceutical products and the industrial use of substances that disrupt the endocrine system are on the rise, causing serious problems for our natural environment and for human health. SCWO-based wastewater purification technology holds the potential to completely destroy such organic pollutants and to protect our environment for generations to come.

Download the case (PDF-file 169 KB)

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