Defense industry

SCWO technology to ArianeGroup

At Aquarden we are proud to be in a partnership with ArianeGroup in the fields of energetic wastes and chemical warfare agents. Aquarden has provided our SuperOx® SCWO system for one of ArianeGroup’s French sites.

As our Director, Zhuoyan Cai points out, this environmentally friendly and constructive partnership is based on a highly effective and robust technology, which very few other than Aquarden have succeeded in making commercially available in a proven full-scale solution.

So, when ArianeGroup quotes on their site: “For ArianeGroup, our suppliers are valued members of the family. We choose them to collaborate with us because they are the very best in their field …”, we certainly do feel honored for being chosen as the best in our field.

You can read more about the partnership with ArianeGroup in this article, written in french, from “Le magazine des ingénieurs de l´armement“, published in June 2022.

Aquarden supply prize-winning SCWO technology to the French Defense Industry