The benefits of SCWO

The best way to purify problematic wastewater

At Aquarden we believe that our SuperOx® SCWO system is the most effective wastewater treatment technology in existence. Our commitment to you is to deliver the world’s best SCWO systems while constantly striving towards refining and optimizing the performance and cost-efficiency of our solutions. Our SuperOx® SCWO solution offers a comprehensive range of benefits and outperforms traditional methods.

Elimination of all organic compounds

  • Exceptional performance: Aquarden’s SCWO technology eliminates all hazardous organic compounds completely and efficiently.
  • Removal of ammonia: Ammonia is converted to harmless nitrogen gas and water.
  • Treats all types of organic compounds: Our SCWO systems destroy tough, toxic organic compounds produced across a variety of industries, including PFAS substances like PFOS and PFOA.
  • Destruction over dilution: Aquarden’s SCWO systems completely eliminate organic compounds while most competitive methods only dilute.
  • No toxic byproducts which cannot be accounted for. Destruction by SCWO is a fully encapsulated process. (The process can simply recycle until compounds are under detection limits.)

Cost savings

  • Generation of energy: Our efficient heat exchange system reuses the energy from the SCWO process.
  • Reuse of water: Treated water is so clean that it can be can be reused as process water or sent directly to the sea without further treatment.
  • Low operating costs: Compared to conventional methods for handling very toxic wastewater (e.g. incineration) we sometimes halves the costs.
  • No transportation costs: On-site treatment eliminates the need for transporting hazardous wastewater to off-site treatment facilities.
  • Reduction of expensive downtime: Fast, automated startup and shutdown procedures minimize costly and disruptive downtime.

Environmentally friendly

  • No toxic by-products: Our safe and environmentally friendly system produces only non-hazardous products such as CO2 (carbon dioxide), H2O (water), and N2 (nitrogen gas).
  • Separates salts and heavy metals: Salts and heavy metals are continuously concentrated and removed. This allows treated water to be disposed of through the sewage system, released into the ocean, or reused as process water.
  • No dangerous emissions: No odors or hazardous by-products are produced.
  • End-result is clean water: Treated wastewater can be discharged to sewer, send directly to the sea, or reused as process water.

Operational excellence and safety

  • Fully automated and safe: Our turnkey SCWO Systems are easy to install and simple to use. Automated procedures comply with the highest safety standards and require a minimum of maintenance and operator intervention.
  • A continuous single-step process: Aquarden’s SCWO Systems are a continuous, around-the-clock wastewater treatment process. One step removal of organics, salts, and heavy metals.
  • Compact modular unit: The small system footprint makes the reactor easy to move and fit within a compact space. A SCWO unit can be delivered in two 40’ containers.
  • High throughput: The low residence time of only 30-60 seconds of high-temperature SCWO treatment is enough. Traditional (biological) treatment systems require several hours of residence time.