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Aquarden Technologies’ founder and CEO, Zhuoyan Cai, received Monday, May 2, the European Business Award for the Environment in Denmark on behalf of Aquarden Technologies. The award is given to the development of a new product or a new service that significantly contributes to a sustainable development and innovation.

Aquarden Technologies receives EU-award

Aquarden has developed a solution, Waterox, which completely destroys problematic substances in wastewater from industries directly at the source. This type of plant is the first of its kind in Denmark. It is also one of the first in the world that can transform toxic industrial wastewater to pure water based on the SCWO-technology.

Aquarden Technologies receives EU-award

Aquarden Technologies is awarded the EU environmental award for sustainable products and services for the project “Destruction of hazardous and toxic substances in industrial wastewater with Waterox”. The system offers a solution, which eliminates persistent substances in wastewater without toxic emissions. The process is energy efficient with reuse of water and surplus energy, said the chairman of the jury, Associate Dean Kurt Nielsen, Aarhus University.

Aquarden Technologies receives EU-award

Huge recognition
– On behalf of all 18 employees, I am proud to receive the EU environmental award today. It is a huge recognition of our achievements and our efforts to market the SCWO-technology and Waterox, which can help Danish and foreign companies to treat their hazardous waste, so it can be sent back to the water environment, said Zhuoyan Cai.

Aquarden Technologies receives EU-award

Sustainable product
The EU environmental award for sustainable products and services is given to a product or a process that is in demand, and can document better resource economy than traditional products, including the minimization or recycling of waste streams and quality of life. It must be a sustainable product that involves aspects of work and social perspectives.

EU’s environmental prizes are awarded every two years in up to four different categories to the most environmentally conscious companies in Europe. In 2016 they are awarded for the 16th time. The award aims to encourage innovative and sustainable environmental policies.

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Photographer: Henrik Frydkjær