Recycle your washing water endlessly

A sustainable solution

Water consumption is significant for laundries but reuse of water has been difficult.

Two issues make reuse of washing water difficult:

  1. Filters tend to clog due to fabric fibers secreted during wash
  2. Waste products such as phtalates, oil or detergents are difficult to remove from the water.

However, we have succeeded with a method that makes recycling of washing water a very wise solution, when caring for both economy and environment.

Our solution

In a project with Berendsen, we have tested a solution using various filters, UVC light and some chemistry, and are now able to purify the water 100% for bacteria.

Aquarden´s solution combines a unique membrane with an effective cleaning technique, which is followed by UV treatment. In combination this delivers such superior results that Berendsen have now had a washing machine running for at full month without repairs or stopped filters.


Biosafe solution: The total solution ensures the removal of phtalates, oil and detergents, thereby ensuring clean and safe reuse of washing water.

No clogging of filters: The treatment method prohibits fouling of the membranes and provides a stable permeate flux.

Optimal re-use of chemistry: An enhanced cleaning technique reduces the amount of CIP chemistry.

Cost-effective: Our solution provides a strong business case as reuse of washing water is much more costs efficient.

Easy maintenance: The complete automated solution with minimal service eases the maintenance process.

Scalable: A fully scalable solution, from 0.5 m3/h to several hundred m3/h.