Aquarden Technologies is now represented in Norway and Sweden through our trade agent Svend Kofod Petersen, owner of Eden Aquatech AB, Sweden.

Eden Aquatech has for the past 25 years provided solutions within aeration and biological treatment of leachate and has a strong position in the market.

Aquarden Technologies and Eden Aquatech already have a number of joint projects. Among these we have helped a large Swedish landfill with a leachate cleaning solution that ensures compliance with discharge requirements including advanced treatment technologies.

Our contact information in Norway and Sweden is:

Trade agent:

Eden Aquatech AB
v. Svend Kofod Petersen
VD / General Manager
Rastavägen 9
 SE-67392 Charlottenberg
Phone: + 46 (0) 571-23233
Mobil:   + 46 (0) 706478699

Aquarden Technologies Norge v. Svend Kofod Petersen