High quality safe intake water

Double barrier solution with superior results

The best way to avoid unwanted organisms to be transferred with intake water is to employ a double barrier comprising both membrane filtration and UV-treatment.

Aquarden’s Waterbrane™ based solution utilizes this double barrier with superior results.

Waterbrane hos Langsand

No more membrane fouling

Membrane fouling is a well-recognized, critical problem when rinsing intake water through membranes.

However, with the Waterbrane ™ solution from Aquarden, you will attain a superior and stable higher permeate flux, due to a combination of:

  • a special robust ceramic membrane made of silicon carbide and
  • a special cleaning technique

Clean filters keeps delivering clean intake water.

The removal of unwanted bacteria and suspended solids allows for a subsequent UV treatment to eliminate any remaining vira.

This way, the treated water is completely free of pathogens.

Combining these three factors, makes it possible to achieve excellent water quality. Water that is not only approved for use in fish farming but also for other food handling processes.

Our solution

Aquarden´s solution combines a unique membrane with an effective cleaning technique and is followed by an UV treatment, which in combination delivers superior results for you your intake water.


The Waterbrane™ based solution

Biosafe solution: The total solution ensures the removal of bacteria, parasites and viruses, thereby ensuring a safe production without any worries for disease outbreak.

High flux: The maintenance method minimizes fouling of the membranes which provides a stable and improved permeate flux.

Optimal re-use of chemistry: An enhanced cleaning technique reduces the amount of CIP chemistry.

Multiple uses: Intake water is of such high quality that it can be used both as intake water but also for other food processes (e.g. fish slaughter)

Cost-effective: Our solution provides a strong business case as treated seawater is much more costs efficient, with great savings generated from an improved permeate flux.

Easy maintenance: The complete automated solution with minimal service eases the maintenance process.

Scalable: A fully scalable solution, from 0.5 m3/h to several hundred m3/h.

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